June 10, 2024

Fun/Frustrating Series Royals. Ryan Bliss looks great. Bill not a fan of Vlad Guerrero

June 10, 2024

Jason "Puck" Puckett, former KJR host  and Bill Krueger, ROOT Sports,  discuss the recent Mariners games against the Kansas City Royals, focusing on the Royals' unique playing style and the Mariners' performance. They also analyze the effectiveness of pitcher George Kirby and the strategic decision to move him to the right-hand side of the rubber. The conversation touches on the Mariners' bullpen needs, the injury to Ty France, the emergence of Ryan Bliss and Harry Ford, and the potential pursuit of Vlad Guerrero Jr. They also discuss the catching situation with Mitch Garver and Cal Raleigh.


00:00 The  Kansas City Royals are one tough team and a major problem

03:57 Analyzing George Kirby's Success and Tactical Changes

07:36 The Mariners' Need to Strengthen the Bullpen

10:31 Opportunities for Ryan Bliss and Tyler Locklear

13:40 Mixed Opinions on Pursuing Vlad Guerrero Jr.

23:54 What's up with the catching situation?

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