June 7, 2024

Wife wants Chris to up his game. Olympics 50 days away. Egan helps Puck with parental advice

June 7, 2024

Jason "Puck" Puckett, former KJR host  and Chris Egan, KING 5,  discuss various topics including the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris, the US Olympic trials, the three-on-three basketball team, and the success of the Seattle Mariners. They also mention local athletes and their achievements. The conversation covers various topics including the success of pitchers in the Seattle Mariners, the upcoming Olympics in Paris, and parenting teenagers. The hosts discuss the impressive performance of pitcher Brian Woo and the scouting process for pitchers. They also mention the upcoming Olympics in Paris and the coverage by King 5. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about parenting and setting curfews for teenagers attending parties.


00:00 Egan's wife wants him to up his media game and look

02:23 Countdown to the Olympics and shocker...it's on KING 5! Who knew?

04:14 Haley Van Lith and the Three-on-Three Basketball Team

06:03 Impressive Performance by the Seattle Mariners...Bryan Woo and the pitchers have been great!

08:00 Puck tells Chris he's making a weekly visit to Costco for the $1.50 Hot Dog

14:54 Can Chris get on a boat like Maria Taylor for the Olympics

20:35 Will Chris take Puck's advice and do a story on the athletes village and the rampant sex that takes place??

25:09 Puck's daughter is going to her first HS party this weekend and Puck needs advice from Chris on alcohol and curfew

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